About Sheryl Allen

As a professional freelance copywriter, I write feel-good content for a living. I’ve been copywriting through my business Over the Page for more than 20 years. Since the last millennium. Since the heady days of faxing drafts and couriering floppy disks loaded with final copy. A time when print ruled the marketing world.

These days, I develop content for online and offline, for agencies (web developers, brand managers, designers, PRs and marketers) and directly for businesses (SMEs, start-ups).

Words have the power to transform the way people feel, think and act. My mission is to weave words into copy that performs, that connects with people to sell an idea, a product, a service or a message. Or, all of the above.

I work from home in Geelong West, Victoria, Australia. It’s true: sometimes I work in my PJs. The commute’s a breeze and I do my best work in the quietude of my little writing cave.

When not writing feel-good content, I’m wrangling life’s minutiae and searching for the meaning of life in a strong cup of tea or a tall glass of wine.

Call me for a chat about your copywriting needs. I don’t bite. Ph: 0438 298 002

Diploma of Freelance Journalism
Certificate in Interpretive Writing (in progress)

Writers Victoria
Interpretation Australia

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